11 Things To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Truly Happy

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How Truly Happy-Life seemed so much simpler when we were kids. Don’t you think? There were much less things to worry about, and more things to cheer for. It is amazing how some simple things used to put a big smile on our face.

Then why is it so harder to be happy when you get older? Well, when we were kids, we were completely focused on ourselves, everything we did, was to make us feel good. As a grown up now, we let the society define the notion of happiness for us. And we simply get in the process of actually fulfilling the definition.

But later in the chase, we realize that these were never the things we wished for which leads to disappointed, ultimately making us unhappy. True happiness, indeed has a different definition. We need to look for happiness inside and stop doing things that aren’t helping us.

What you should stop doing and What you should do Instead?


    1. Stop ignoring your own needs.

Why? Trying to please everybody is a mission impossible. You will never be able to do that. And while you are taking care of everyone’s needs, who is taking care of yours? No one. That’s the hard truth. The sooner you realize it, the better.

How Truly Happy

How Truly Happy

What should you do instead? Everyone is different, and nobody knows better than you what you really want. So, sit down and take a moment to think about your desires.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Why? We are all unique. No two people are the same. And that is a wonderful thing. So, there’s no point in comparing ourselves to other people. If we do so we would just end up being miserable and envious of the things that don’t belong to us.

How Truly Happy

How Truly Happy



What should you do instead? Stop looking at the perfect lives of other people. Their lives might not be so perfect after all, everybody has their share of struggles. Instead, focus on your life and start making some real changes instead of just complaining how some people have it all.

3. Stop resisting your fear.

Why? Being afraid stops us from experiencing many great things. It limits us and prevents us from being happy. You don’t need to isolate yourself just because you think you don’t fit in. Push yourself a little and you’ll realize your life is in your hands.

How Truly Happy

How Truly Happy


What should you do instead? Approach every situation you fear as a step closer to your way of becoming a better person.

4. Stop feeling bad for making a mistake.

Why? Human is expected to make mistakes, and if you don’t you’re not human. Mistakes are the challenges that give us a chance for personal growth. Not wanting to make mistakes means you’re not trying at all.

How Truly Happy

How Truly Happy


What should you do instead? Don’t look at mistakes as something bad and embarrassing. Every time you make a mistake, just remember it will be really helpful in the future, and that at some point you will be grateful for it.

5. Stop trying to take control of all aspect of your life.

Why? Life is unpredictable, and that’s the beauty of it. Trying to control everything in your life is like trying to control the weather – simply not possible. There is no point in stressing out about something you simply cannot change. The trick is to go with the flow and look forward to the unknown.

How Truly Happy

How Truly Happy

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What you should do instead? Try not to plan every step of the journey. It’ll just make it very predictable and if things don’t go the way they were planned, you’ll end up in disappointment. So, try to be random at times and always have room for improvisation.

6. Stop living to others’ expectations or social standards.

Why? We are all a part of a society, and every society will always have standards people should live by. But trying to achieve those standards will not make you happy. Why do you need to get married before 30? Why do you even need to get married if that’s not something you want?

How Truly Happy

How Truly Happy


What should you do instead? You will never be able to please everyone, so just follow your heart and do what feels right to you. Forget what other people expect, and create your own goals.

7. Stop aiming for perfection.

Why? There’s no such thing as perfection. You will just waste valuable time and energy and drive yourself crazy if you want everything to be perfect.

How Truly Happy


What should you do instead? Put that energy into something more creative. Aiming for perfection is a never-ending battle, so stop trying too hard and do something more fun, like reading a book, or meeting your friends for coffee.

8. Stop putting off your dream.

Why? It’s never a perfect time to pursue your dream. The conditions will never be perfect, and the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be for you to start.

How Truly Happy



What should you do instead? If you have a passion that drives you, start pursuing it immediately, don’t wait. When you do something you love, all the pieces will come together. Even if you fail, you will end up learning and free from the regret of not trying at-least for once.

9. Stop neglecting small things in your life.

Why? We often believe that only big things can make us happy, such as buying an expensive car. But in reality, small things are the key to happiness, as they can make us feel better at any moment of the day, while big things making way.

How Truly Happy

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What should you do instead? Find at least one small thing that will make you happier every single day, such as eating an ice-cream, watching your favorite TV show, or just sitting in the park in the sun. Cherish and practice those things constantly.

10. Stop feeling bad to be alone.

Why? It is always better to be alone than in a miserable relationship. It is wrong to stay in a relationship only because you are afraid of being alone. Set yourself free from something that bothers you.

How Truly Happy


What should you do instead? If you are truly looking for a meaningful relationship, you first need to have a meaningful relationship with yourself. So, if you are single, use the time to rediscover yourself and what you really want. Then you will know what you want from your next relationship instead of relying on your partner to make you happy.




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