Golden rules of travel to follow for having wonderful and safe experience

Golden rules to follow for having wonderful and safe experience


Golden rules of travel

Once the destination is set you must get into the local media to get aware of the goings on of that place, whether it is suitable to visit or not?



#2 Weather

Golden rules of travel

Weather is the main factor in deciding if you are going to have fun or not at a particular place, so you should remain updated with the weather forecast to find out what kind of clothes you are supposed to carry.

#3 Medical

Golden rules of travel

Attention must be paid to this aspect of preparation for travelling, if there is someone who has special medical needs, then proper medicines should be carried along with general medicines related to uneasy stomach etc.



#4 Itinerary

Golden rules of travel

People everywhere celebrate to commemorate one or the other events, make sure to cover the festivities if the place where you are going to have any.



#6 Pre-book accommodation and travel

Golden rules of travel

This is a step which makes you a smart traveller pre-booking things saves you last minute hassles and you can enjoy your trip in a leisurely manner.

#7 Money

Golden rules of travel

You should remain alert while handing out money to someone so that they can’t see how much are you carrying with you, avoid taking out wallet frequently and don’t keep all the money at a single place.

#8 Avoid Isolated spots

Golden rules of travel

If possible avoid going to the places which are too isolated or secluded in the name of getting that peace, you don’t know what lies there, be alert at all times.

#9 Charge Phones

Golden rules of travel


Try to make it a habit to keep your phones fully charged along with your family’s while leaving the hotel room so that, all of you remain connected at all times.

#10 Take Snapshots

Golden rules of travel

While getting into a vehicle be it a cab or a bus, take the snapshot and share all the details with any of your trusted contacts, don’t get into a vehicle if the driver is in an inebriated state or you suspect any foul play.

#11 Pay special attention to kids

Golden rules of travel

If you are travelling with kids then pay special attention to their security and train them to recognize the way to your hotel from famous sites also whom to contact in case of emergencies, keep some cash with them and tell them to use it only in case of any trouble.

#12 Be alert at nights

Golden rules of travel

Avoid travelling at night as much as possible, but if you are (like me) believe in the idea that “No fun without adventure” then , make sure you have good company preferably someone from the local area, and you are good to go.


#13 Common point

Golden rules of travel

Now this is a concept which is classic in nature and has not lost its value over the ages, common point or meeting point is a point preferably natural which must be decided by all the members of the group in case if anyone gets lost and want to regroup with others, he merely have to reach the common point and eventually rest of the group will reunite at the end.



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