Funny thoughts on the new Apple iPhone launch to make your day go good!

Launch of the new Apple iPhone X and 8:

The launch of this new Apple, iPhone X and 8 is creating quite a stir among all the gadget freaks and the smartphone lovers acros the country. India is always the first nation to get excited about the launch of any new products be it gadgets, cars, motor bikes, new designer outfits and so on.

For those unlucky few, buying even the older Apple iPhone models were a distant dream, now this launch has made them even more depressed.

I among those many few will be able to relate to this heartbreaking journey of not buying the Apple iPhone models in time.

We were always making those “great” tall decisions of not spending our parents’ money on Apple products and instead of trying to buy on our own.

Well thanks to the inventors of Apple iPhones, we are mostly at a moment where we can only browse through the iPhone images in Google. The price creates depressions in our mind every year.

Well, we can’t moan about it, it has nothing to do with Apple. It is our own never-ending Five-Year Plans that we keep on adding to our lists. No to worry, we will continue adding this model again on our wish list, waiting for the price to reduce.

Dear makers of Apple, please keep on inventing products as much as you can, with the “beautiful” prices, so that we can keep on adding you on our Future Plans. With love, from one of your unlucky dream customers.

As a fun moment, good jokes are always trending in town. Read and enjoy your day.

Tim Cook

ME: While reading this!


New iPhone features: Unlocking of Facial Recognition, instead of a home button. Well good luck on that part, Apple!



When the expectation is higher than the reality!




People’s reactions:


When finally getting the new iPhone .


And those unlucky few- after looking at the prices!



When you are the “center of the universe”.



When Ellen Degeneres roasted about the new Apple iphone-X and 8 launch. Check this out.




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