Funny things that only happens in an Indian wedding

Funny moments in Indian weddings:


Big fat Indian wedding are something that never fails to impress us. If an Indian is getting married, chances are that a typical big fat Bollywood shaadi is around the corner, with relatives flooding in from different sides of the country. Wedding celebrations in India starts way before the marriage in advance because such is the hype of an Indian wedding.  Just like colorful festivals in India, the weddings here are more colorful with unlimited fun and memories for life. Some things go wrong while some things go right- just the way it is supposed to happen. Here is our list of some common funny things that happen at every wedding…in fact, they are bound to happen!


Introduction to unknown people


Without this, every Indian wedding is incomplete. Before going to any Indian wedding, we all brace ourselves because our parents introduce us to a large number of families and relatives. And that is the moment we all have to show by faking a smile, that we are the nicest person born in this entire planet.

Vidaai Melodrama is mandatory!

We all promise not to cry during vidaai but when the time comes tears automatically start tickling down. It’s not our fault, but seeing our parents at their emotional best makes us week on our knees!

Most of the guests look for Dal Makhani instead of Dulha-Dulhan!

Food is priority and it should be. All the guests have their eyes on delicious dishes and it’s the only thing they are honestly interested in.

Uncle and Aunties hunting for suitable grooms or brides. The ‘rishta hook-ups’ never ends!

This annoying habit is something our parents won’t get rid of. They start hunting for a suitable bride to make sure the next shaadi in our family happens soon!

Three generations of a family gather together for the wedding!

If it’s an Indian wedding, we all know the amount of guest who can turn up for the wedding. The below picture describes our feelings aptly and how!

The endless competition of “antakshari” 

Playing “antakshari” is a must affair in every Indian weddings.


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