Some “Funny” Pun illustrations that are amusing and clever

Some “Funny” Pun illustrations that are amusing and clever

Funny, Puns are something we’re not gonna get over, at-least for now. They are clever remarks with the tint of fun. What we have this time is illustrations to very common words and situations that all of us come across every day but never thought it could have a funny side too.

Check out these interesting infographics, and we assure you can’t scroll down having a constant smile on your face throughout and you never know some might giggle you a little too.

  1. Not always healthy to laugh it seems.

Some "Funny" Pun illustrations that are amusing and clever

2. The literal soap opera.


3. It’s really simple taking control.


4. Ice seems to be so rooted.


5. Guess what?


6. Not everyone’s cup of tea.


7. The keys to happiness.

Happiness is when you're right beside me Art Print

8. Oh! Stop it.

You rock! You rule!

9. Love can change you.


10. It’s celebration time.



Lettuce Celebrate Food Pun Greeting Card by TopTableDesign

11. Stay connected.

Wifight It?

12. AWWWW!

Screwdriver #ilovedoodle #doodle #everyday | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

13. Oh so sausage!

This is making me laugh way too much

14. That’s life-cycle.


15. Coffee is Bae.



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