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Funniest animal memes with human thoughts.

Funniest animal memes with human thoughts:

We all love animals and sometimes wished even they could talk! How fun it would be to have a conversation with your own pet or the king in the jungle?  Here’s a collection of how it would be if all the adorable, sweet and even dangerous animals could talk. Laugh out loud and share this collection of animal’s memes if it made you laugh!

Haters gonna hate, Potatoes gonna Potate.

Because we are least concerned, what others think about us. This is me, at the top of the universe. Feels good, isn’t it?



Sorry..You were saying?

Same goes for me, when we try to ignore purposefully. Sometimes it is good to follow this habit.




Animals don’t lie..I swear!

Animals definitely do not lie like us. But there are certain sneaky habits which are cute. Can’t deny, right?



Keep them shut in the right way!

Much as we always pretend to be obedient but it is also relaxing to sometimes let it go.



We’re sorry too.

Sometimes it is better to respond to the person rather than always being nice. This will be a medicine for those who wants to quit being polite and just go with the flow.




The real boss of this planet.

One should not judge a book by its cover. This is a big salute to all those who stood strong beyond their inferiority complex. Because it is time that we need to be the real ‘boss’ without letting others move above our head.




Almost every couples will be able to relate.


Same random questions asked by every partner in a relationship. Seems like it is a mandatory question needed to be answered even if you don’t have one. Also the answers need to be detailed and specific. Either a detective unit can be opened when starting a relationship. Or we can be the detectives our self.




The difficulties in deciding an opinion.


Because there is always the confusion, in taking an opinion. This becomes awkward, since it is a question of someone’s looks. As a result, lying becomes the best option.













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