Finding true love through sex dolls- A new form of romance

Sex dolls- a technological invention for love.

Finding true love through sex dolls- A new form of romance

Finding true love through sex dolls- A new form of romance

Finding love and sex is what every person desires. This is a phase to break away from the stressful activities in life. But for a person in a wheel chair, unhappy marriage or a widower,  romance and sex becomes their ultimate obsession. The middle- aged men will generally fall in this category. Thanks to this new age technological device, sex dolls are the new trend among these group of men.

Japanese men finding true love in sex dolls:


This is a real life story of a romance between Japanese physiotherapist, Masayuki Ozaki and his sex doll girlfriend, Mayu. The initial passion and romance between him and his wife died down after the birth of their daughter. This led Ozaki to find solace in a silicone sex doll named Mayu. His love was to an extent of sharing the same bed with the doll. Although his family revolted against this unhealthy fascination but Ozaki was determined to protect Mayu as his ultimate love. He felt that the human women are cold hearted and very demanding.




Ozaki’s love for Mayu was very deep. He would take the doll for dates and dress her up in beautiful outfits and wigs. He would also take her to hotels for sexual intercourse.



Another passionate lover for a sex doll is Senji Nakajima and his doll, Saori. He is 62 years old and deeply in love with Saori.


The sex doll industry in Japan.


The sex doll industry is thriving off this newfound means of love. And more and more Japanese men are falling head over heels in a new kind of love with these dolls. This is an easier trend among several middle aged men, aiming for passionate love.


Source Japan Today



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