Child molestation and murders in the schools in Delhi and NCR

Child molestation and murders have been occurring a lot in todays society. Schools are always a significant part of every person’s life. We all have our memories be it good or bad in our schools.

Today when we hear news of a small boy crawling out from a toilet seat in a dying state in one such school, makes us wonder whether a school is really that “great divine” place.

Schools are what every parents trust after their home, to be a safer zone for their kids. We all try to make numerous excuses to not attend schools but our parents always wins. Such an innocent journey is today turning out to be quite dangerous for the kids in schools today. People don’t feel save to send their kids to school were such kind of incidents occur.

When a boy crawled out of a toilet seat in a dying state in Gurgaon’s Ryan International School:

This is a case of a boy who died, right after he crawled out of a toilet seat in Gurgaon’s famous Ryan International School. He was a Class 2 student. The shocking part is that throat was silt.  The child got killed by one the school’s bus conductor, who was captured with the CCTV footage. In the footage it was clearly visible that the conductor was trying to force himself on the child. the refusal led to the murder of the child by the conductor

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