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Exploring the beauty of Pamukkale in Turkey.

The beauty of Pamukkale in Turkey.


Pamukkale is a natural site in south western Turkey. First of all, this is a geological phenomenon. Moreover the word, “Pamukkale” also means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish language. There are several hot springs in that area.  It is located in River Menderes valley. Also, the area has a temperate climate for most of the year.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In addition, Pamukkale is also a site of the well preserved ruins of the Greek- Roman city of Hierapolis. Therefore the area had a unique beauty of its own.

Pamukkale_(Hierapolis)_TurkeyBecause it had both natural and man made wonders. As a result, Pamukkale is also a World Heritage Site. This recognition was given in 1988.


Interesting features of this area.

Bathing in hot mineral waters.


People can enjoy the pleasures of bathing like the Romans once did. There is a pool with warm, mineral rich waters.


Explore the ancient remains of the old Greek and Roman civilizations.

People here can experience the beauty of the natural formations. Also we can explore the ancient remains of the great civilizations. Since it was initially an ancient spa city, people can feel the historic touch. You can also swim along the ancient columns of the submerged city.

The area will make you feel like a fairy tale.


565Pamukkale_1The surreal white terraces because of the snow white limestones will make the area look like straight from a fairy tale. The formations are actually solidified cotton. This is the chief crop of that area.



Tips for visiting Pamukkale.


The best way to approach the ancient site is to walk up through the formations on the travertine path, starting at the south gate to the site. You are not permitted to wear shoes or even sandals to do this (to prevent eroding or staining the delicate calcite deposits) so bring your footwear (and everything else you’ll need for exploring the ancient ruins) along in a bag. Wearing swimwear allows you to splash in the warm, aquamarine pools en-route, and later swim in the antique pool at the top of the terracing. Allow the whole day to make the most of the travertines, pools and remains – bring a picnic lunch (and plenty of water/suncream etc in mid-summer).

Hence a picturesque location, this is an ideal tourist destination for travelers with a unique streak. A beautiful country, Turkey will make you fall in love with the country and this surreal area.




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