Relations and Relationships are the essence of our lives. There is no happiness and completeness unless you have healthy relationships. Especially when you are back to home from work, there is one special relationship in your life that makes you fall in love with Life. Lets you forget all the hard work, pain, fights and issues. That special person gives you energy and enthusiasm.

This important person in your life could be any one. But, to maintain a healthy relationship efforts should be put in by both members. One thing we can definitely put in is efforts from our side. A healthy relationship needs a healthy balance.

From ages, we have been hearing that a relationship stands happily only if you “Compromise”. Compromise is the key in a relationship, but you need to recognize that there is a difference between compromising in a relationship and compromising yourself for a relationship.

Healthy compromise is you wanting sushi, your partner wanting Indian and you both end up having Thai. Unhealthy compromise is changing the essentials of who you are to better suit your partner. There are certain things that should never be sacrificed.

Few of them are:

Independence – “My partner completes me” sounds good and romantic but a healthy relationship should be comprised of two separate individuals who love each other the way they are.

Other relationships – You should not have problems in maintaining other relationships. You should not have any issues spending time with you family and friends. If jealousy intrudes, you need to think about the relationship.

Interests – Many times people discuss a lot about each other’s interests. It’s absolutely fine to have different interests. Take it as an opportunity to learn and know new things. Respect others interest and spend time mutually. If you like watching television shows and your partner likes watching sports, do not hesitate. Make out time for each other’s interests and watch them together. Do not insult any one’s interest. In a good relationship, you can be yourself and like what you like with no fear, no guilt, and no problems.

Self-esteem – Never hesitate to sing each other’s praises. Your partner should make you feel smart, beautiful, confident and happy. You also should make your partner feel the same. Elevate each other.

Aspirations – You and your partner should be supportive to each other in achieving their goals. You both should believe in each other and be happy for each other’s success as if the success was yours. Never compromise on your dreams.


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