Depression-A serious issue or a joke?

Depression: A serious issue or a joke?



Have you ever heard of anyone suffering from Depression? A possibility that you might be suffering from it but don’t want to share with anyone. Reason? When you tried sharing, no one took you seriously or just ignored it. But sometimes taking it as a joke could be dangerous. It is not that person is mentally sound or just insane. In simple terms, we could say that it is just a state where the person goes through a phase of sadness or extreme form of anxiety for a long time. And it could be cured as well.

Let us go through cases where different people are going to or have gone  through depression:

A woman coping with depression:


Ladies are twice as likely as men to be determined to have depression — truth be told, about 35 percent of lady’s report depression symptoms. Ladies will probably encounter sentiments of blame and nervousness, rest unnecessarily, have an expanded hunger, and put on weight.


  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Premenstrual disorder
  • Pregnancy and labor
  • Stress
  • Ruminative considering
  • Conception prevention pills

Consult your doctor before it’s too late. The doctor can analyse and treat your condition, or suggest you meet a specialised person who is knowledgeable about managing depression.

For instance, we referred to a lot of interviews where the actress opened about going through a complete breakdown. She told that she was suffering from depression. She was not able to concentrate on her work, had a nagging feeling all the time, fainted due to exhaustion as well.

There are a lot of cases where women due to the torcher of in-laws, or pressure of any kind fall into depression. But there’s always a way out.

A teen or a college student suffering from depression:


There are a lot of cases these days hyping, that students are committing suicide or start taking drugs. The major reason is depression. An academic, social, or family pressures can make a solid feeling of rejection and can prompt reflective disappointment. At the point when things turn out badly at school or at home, teenagers regularly go overboard. Some measures to heal it could be-

  • Managing Teenage Pressures
  • Try to make new friends.
  • Take an interest in sports, work, school exercises or relaxation activities.
  • Join associations that offer projects for youngsters.
  • Approach adult for assistance.

When problems are too much to handle alone, teens should not be afraid to seek help. Remember killing yourself under depression is never the valid option.

An old person dying in depression:


Depression impacts elder individuals in contrast to more youthful individuals. In the elderly, depression regularly occurs with other medicinal diseases and handicaps and keeps going longer. The sadness in the elderly frequently expands their threat of heart diseases.

Explanations behind the depression in elderly individuals can be detachment with family members, confronting death, transitioning from work to retirement, financial crisis, ill-treatment, passing’s of partner, friends, and family, widowhood or separation, endless medicinal conditions.

It is said that the phase of old age is the repetition if the childhood phase. Hence, must be taken special care during this time. We come across news that children abandon their parent feeling that they are the burden to them or they need privacy. Understand that those were the people who were always there when you needed them. It’s their time now when they would be expecting you to stand by their side.

Winding up-


This reminds me of an inspirational dialogue from the Hindi movie “Anand” (starring legends Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna) where he says- “Babumoshai, Zindagi lambi nahi, badi honi chahiye (Sir, Life need not be long, it should be big). We have only one life and before it comes to an end why waste it in being depressed.


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