Certain amazing facts about Mahatma Gandhi to honor his birth anniversary

Amazing facts to know about Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his birth anniversary today.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi as we all know was a man of justice. He led India towards freedom from British rule. Due to his popularity, he is well known across the world. But there are certain facts which are specific to his life. His deeds are known everywhere. Yet we are still unaware of his personality.

So as a mark of celebration, there are certain unique facts about his life. 


He was an introvert kid right from his childhood days.

Mahatma Gandhi


Gandhi was an extremely shy kid. His friends use to call him Moniya out of the joke. Because he was so shy, he would often run away from school to avoid his schoolmates.


He was not a brilliant student.

Mahatma Gandhi

He was not good in studies and had a very bad handwriting. But his command over English, both written and spoken was excellent. The only good thing written on his report card was English.


Gandhi was not comfortable with his wife.

Mahatma Gandhi

When Gandhi got married, he was 13 years old. However his wife, Kasturba was 14. Initially, Gandhi did not like his wife. Gradually, once they were older, they started having sexual pleasures together. Therefore they became closer. After 3 years later, Kasturba gave birth to their first child who did not survive. As a result, the child’s death had an impact on Gandhi. This made him determined to stand against child marriage.


He was really fond of exercise.

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi was always fond of exercise. He preferred walking to transport. When he was in England and South Africa, he would always walk 40 km daily to his workplace. He walked around 79,000 km during his campaign from 1913 to 1938, enough to encompass the Earth-twice.


Gandhi was not good as a lawyer.

Mahatma Gandhi

Because of his introvert nature, Gandhi failed as a lawyer. He could not practice his law in India as he would tremble in fear. He was not able to cross-question his witnesses.


Owner of football clubs in South Africa.


Due to the racial discrimination against Indians, Gandhi started two football clubs in South India. He wanted to prove Indians’ worth and pride.


An American inspired him to start the Civil Disobedience Movement.

dandi-marchAn American author named, Henry Salt, was the main reason for Gandhi to start the movement. Salt’s book talks about a philosopher named Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau lived as a hermit and refused to pay tax, which put him in jail.



He was the first Indian to feature in “TIME Person of the Year”.


Gandhi was given a status as “The Person of the Year” in The Time Magazine in 1930.


Gandhi wrote a letter to Adolf Hitler.


In addition, Gandhi wrote a letter to Hitler. He requested him to stop the war. Also, he addressed him as “My dear friend Hitler”.


He was the most photographed man of the time.

main-qimg-a4287cfe9fcbfa9b627ce70d7625c383-cAlthough Gandhi never liked being photographed, yet he was the most photographed man.


Gandhi did not celebrate the Independence moment. 


Finally, Gandhi was not present during the Independence celebration. He did not attend Nehru’s speech, “Tryst With Destiny”. Rather he went on a fast in Calcutta. As he wanted to stop the riots in Eastern-Western Bengal.




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