Celebrating Karva Chauth to honor every married women in India

Karva Chauth- A selfless festival for married women in India


Celebrating festivals are important in India. We all have numerous festivals for various occasions. Apart from the religious, cultural festivals are popular among every Indian people. First of all, this is a festival of Karva Chauth. It is a festival that celebrates the sacrifice of every married women in India. Here, the women undergoes a severe fast. They don’t drink or eat anything until the moment arrives. All the women worship for their husband’s life and prosperity on this festival.


Karva Chauth and its rituals.



First of all, this is a Hindu festival for women in India. In addition, the women starts their fast from the early morning. And then they wait till the onset of full moon. The appearance of the moon is actually the auspicious moment for them. It is a moment when their husbands will break their wives’ fast.  This festival is celebrated mainly in Northern India but also spreads across other regions as well. It is like a community festival when all the women gets united to celebrate and worship for their husbands.


As per Hindu rituals, the women eats and drink before sunrise. After that, they start their fast. It is like a rigorous fast, which is the reason that these women are free to enjoy and celebrate the festival. They do not have to perform any household duties. It is a moment of excitement for these women. They prepare for this day in advance. Buying new clothes, applying mehendi (henna) on their hands are the popular options for this festival. The whole day is spent in meeting their friends or their other female relatives. However the ,male members apart from their husbands generally stay away from the women. This celebration gives a private space for the women.



Furthermore after the moon appears, the women takes a sieve and holds in front of their husband’s face. They try to create a similar bond between their husband and the moon. They first takes the sieve and holds up front towards the moon and then in front of their husband. Therefore once the ritual completes, the husbands’ helps in breaking their wives’ fast. They first help their wife take the first sip of water from a glass and then they drink. Hence the fast gets over.



Karva Chauth in popular culture.


The festival has gained massive attention across the whole of India. Films and TV serials in India had shown this festival in a details. They in fact have made the festival quite glamorous. Because of the popularity, even unmarried girls celebrate this festival for their partners as a token of love.


Thus this festival marks a woman’s selfless love and respect for their husband. They undergo extreme hardships to pray and celebrate for their husbands’ success. As we have seen, there are several ancient tales that narrate such sacrifices made by women to protect their husband from evil.



On the other hand, men also take steps to ensure that their wives’ celebrate this festival with success. Also due to the rising feminist trend, many men are joining their wives’ to undergo the fast. They believe that this will strengthen their love and trust.



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