Kinds of Bollywood Villains in the Hindi Movie Industry over the Years

Kinds of Bollywood Villains in the Hindi Movie

Industry over the Years

Bollywood’s typical distinction that stood memorably: THE GOOD AND THE EVIL

The Good

The Bollywood movie industry comprises generally of two opposing categories: the ” Desi hero” and the “Bollywood villain“. The “hero” represents generally the good-looking guy who saves the day with his strong action moves, defeating every wrongdoer, that crosses his way. The added bonus here is that he also gets the best looking girl by saving her from her troubles. Also, the lead girl who gets the “hero”- the attractive one with almost being perfect: a good cook, a doting daughter, a social worker, feeling for the poor and any other characteristics we can think of.

The Villain

Another category here that is also strikingly important to cover and create any interesting plot in a story is the villain. Throughout the years in Hindi cinema, villains have always been surprisingly memorable and their dialogues were indeed iconic. Name any popular villain like Amzad Khan as Gabbar Singh from Sholay, Amrish Puri as Mogambo from Mr. India and many others, villains were represented as someone who would be extremely dangerous in the eye, ugly, dark, with twisted eyes and evil creepy smiles constantly on their faces, carrying any armed weapons be it daggers or knives and the infamous laugh.

The more interesting is the female antagonists or the villains, who generally play either the role of a mother-in law, a mistress, a step-mother or the sister torturing her brother’s wife, mostly seen as plotting something evil with her mother. The females’ are visually represented as wearing loud makeup with outrageous attires, wearing a huge bindi to bring alive the “evil” look, the same smirks and looks as the males. Among the females, Bindu and Lalita Pawar were known for their roles as a villain.

Let’s check out the list of actors in the order of seniority who became popular for their roles as Villains and their added characteristics as mentioned above:

Lalita Pawar-  the true female villain of Hindi cinema.

She was the first Hindi cinema female villain or what was usually termed as “vamp”. She was during a phase where female actors like Madhubala, Waheeda Rehman, Aasha Parekh and others were the beautiful lead protagonists. Being a female and to play an evil character, she indeed was phenomenal in her work.


Pran Krishan Sikand or more commonly as Pran

Before playing villainous roles, he also had bagged roles as the lead protagonist. However, his negative roles were much more memorable and made him popular even today. He played multiple negative roles and was the quintessential yesteryears’ Hindi cinema villain

Villains in the Hindi Movie Industry- Pran

Villains in the Hindi Movie Industry- Pran


Amrish Puri as Mogambo 

Amrish Puri was a classic actor who appeared in various popular movies, playing roles which were both negative and positive. His famous role as Mogambo from the movie, Mr India made him and his dialogues Mogambo khush hua (Mogambo is pleased) extremely popular all over India.

Amrish Puri-Mogambo

Amrish Puri- Mogambo


Prem Chopra

His roles as bollywood villains were so convincing and real that it made a lot of people angry as if he is actually the wrong doer. He has played villainous roles which were more of like female molesters. His role in the movie, Bobby was very popular.


Amjad Khan as Gabbar

His role as Gabbar was popular as the movie, Sholay throughout all ages. Despite other films in his career, this role made him the real “heroic villain”, with his iconic dialogues and fierce looks.

Amjad Khan- Gabbar Singh

Amjad Khan- Gabbar Singh




Bindu- The iconic female villain

She was every filmmakers’ favourite villain. From her seductive image to her eye rolls, she was quite the evil “vamp” in almost every Hindi films from being a mistress, a stepmother, an evil sister, sister-in-law as well as also as a mother-in-law. Besides Lalita Pawar, Bindu also needs great appreciation to nail such roles, being a female in the typical male-centric industry.


Ranjeet as Ranjeet

Ranjeet was also one the favourite bollywood villains in every movie. His portrayal was more of as a gangster, or similar to that. He did not play roles that were of a serial killer, rather his roles were more centred on the popular evil characters.

Ranjeet- The typical "goon" of Hindi cinema

Ranjeet- The typical “goon” of Hindi cinema


Danny Denzongpa

He is the first actor from Sikkim who made a significant mark in Bollywood as the suave villain with such a finesse. Apart from his multiple villainous roles, he is best known as the most dangerous villain in the classic movie, Agneepath.

Danny Denzongpa- The suave villain

Danny Denzongpa- The suave villain


Sadashiv Amrapurkar

He is also another fine performer in the Hindi cinema who is really versatile for playing both negative as well as comic characters.

The movie, Ardhya Satya was one of his finest performances as a villain.


Ashutosh Rana

Apart from his roles, his entire personality can give you the creeps. Every character that he has portrayed reflects a distinctive identity. His classic role in the movie,  Sangharsh was indeed terrifying and would give all of us nightmares.


Prakash Raj

He is from Karnataka, Bangalore and a very popular actor in the South Indian film industry. His reign in Bollywood also made him stand out as a promising villain in the 100 crore budget films like WantedSinghamDabangg 2 and others. Paired against popular actors like Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan, Prakash Raj also equally outshone in all of these movies.


Mainstream Bollywood actors who played negative roles and needs to be acknowledged:

Shah Rukh Khan

Popular actors like Shah Rukh Khan has also played a dangerous psychopath serial killer in the movie called Baazigar, which many loyal fans of his might have forgotten or purposely forget to only remember him as a romantic icon. But I felt his role as a villain was excellent and should be acknowledged.

From the movie, BAAZIGAR

These images portray a completely different picture from his typical romantic expressions that he makes in his other movies.



Kajol also had a challenging role in a movie called, Gupt which saw her murdering people with a psychopathic attitude. People always know her as a bubbly, fun-loving character but this role I felt, was really good.

From the movie, GUPT

These images reflect a completely different aura from her usual personality in her other romantic films.


With years, Hindi cinema has also evolved in terms of their story portrayal and also the very representation of the good guy and the evil. Sometimes even the good is not typically represented in the form of a handsome male guy with dashing looks and muscles ripping out from everywhere. Today we can also see the progress in terms of films like Mardani, Baby, Naam Shabana, Gangajal-2 and others where the females took on the roleplay of wiping out evil. Even the evil portrayal of both the male and the female actors has changed to a great extent with the advent of advancement in fitness regimes, Western inspirations to have a clean shaven look and not with the heavy moustaches or beards as well as no more pan-cake make ups.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra in Aitraz also had a role as a villain, which was quite challenging for her, being paired against Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor as the lead protagonists and she was a newcomer in that phase.

From the movie, AITRAZ

Although her role could not be completely termed as negative, given the whole circumstances. She was in a way made to look negative for a woman having “bold” choices to be independent. Whatever the story was, she also did a great job in portraying a character which was completely atypical for a female new comer actor in Bollywood.


Riteish Deshmukh

Although he has played roles which were extremely light hearted, his role as a creepy, psychopathic women killer in the movie, Ek Villain, showed his true potential as an artist, despite his other films.

From the movie, Ek Villain



Tahir Raj Bhasin

He plays a villain in Mardani, portraying the same evil characteristics but in a more sophisticated, subtle shade. He does a young guy with a suave personality and an intelligent sense of evil and smartness combined in one.


Now, would anyone even consider him as someone playing an evil character with so much of negativity?

His portrayal in Mardani was indeed phenomenal, given the limelight that would be taken by Rani Mukherjee who played a bad-ass cop. He could easily pass off as a guy in a romantic story with a gorgeous woman. However, he chooses to have a different path and challenged himself, being a newcomer in this nerve-racking and competitive industry.



This is an image from his movie in Mardani- playing as evil, he can be.


Vidyut Jamwal

The next new-age villain lineup is Vidyut Jamwal, who is mostly remembered for his role as the lead villain in the movie, Force.



Rana Dagubbati

He is a Tamil actor who is really popular in his roles like Baby and Ghazi Attack. However, the most popular role was in the movie, Bahubali both Part-1 and 2, where he played an extremely evil character as the jealous, younger brother of the lead protagonist.



Esha Gupta

It is always a safer zone to choose a role in Bollywood as the protagonist for both males and females. Female actors need to be extra cautious in choosing their roles in the fear of not getting a good role later. However, apart from the top female actors, the newcomer female actors, are more at a risk.

Esha Gupta, among such newcomers despite all the risks, has done an excellent job of portraying an evil character in the movie Rustom, although the central focus is always upon Akshay Kumar.

From the movie, Rustom


There are indeed several actors who were phenomenal as villains in different movies. However, these actors completely stand out as villains or someone being the antagonists for different reasons but were really great in their jobs. This is showing tribute to their amazing performances as well as a congratulatory message to all those newcomers who have challenged themselves.




















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