Bold Indian Web series to watch out for a great weekend

Web series- A must watch

Web series are programs or episodes that airs in the internet. They are a series of videos having contents which are both scripted and non scripted with unique subjects. Netflix, the streaming video website was nominated for airing many web series like House of Cards, Hemlock Grove and others.

Web series in India for the first time:


Indians today are familiar with several American web and TV series. This is probably, the major reason where the Indian internet networks are airing web series for the first time. These web series have become hugely popular, dealing with different subjects like women empowerment, sex, and crimes. There are also contents that deals with those topics that are considered social evils like homosexuality.

Those still unfamiliar can watch these amazing web series that will make your weekend great.


Top bold Web series to watch out:


An Indian erotic web series-


If you are up for an erotic content, then this series is a must watch. This is basically an Indian version of 50 Shades of Grey, in an Indian scenario. The series focuses on BDSM or the dominant-submissive sex through a contract. It also shows the emotional struggles by the girl. This is a series directed by Vikram Bhatt who is further planning to launch his own erotic web series.



An Indian web series on “sexual” Alok Nath:



This is a new twist to all the old Alok Nath jokes and trolls on his past movies and serials. Here we will be able to witness a new Alok Nath in a sexual avatar. This is an extremely humorous talk show dealing with sexual contents. Alok Nath questions several celebrity guests on sexual topics like pre-marital sex, sexual exploits, masturbation and so on.


Ladies Room:

A web series on ladies’ secrets.


Ladies Room, produced by YRF is a women-centric series on two women, Khanna and Dingo, chatting in six different toilets. It is a bold series which shows the girls openly chatting about sex lives, poops, pregnancy tests while smoking and taking MDMA (drugs-ecstasy).


Love Bytes:


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This is a series on live-in partners. The story is all about the couple keeping it a secret for other people, especially the boy’s mother to find out. This is also another dose of sexual series, showing sex- mainly romantic love- making between the two couples.


Man’s World:

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This is a series based on switching of gender. This is partly similar to the Hollywood movie, Its a Boy Girl Thing but the contents are changed in an Indian setting. This series shows a man who feels that the world in unfair for all men. Suddenly one morning he finds that his father is doing all the household chores, girls are eve-teasing boys and he is going through periods.


All about Section-377:


This is a  series based on homosexuality. It shows one straight guy living with two other roommates who are gay couples. This series mainly aims at educating the masses on the issue of LGBT in India.
















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