7 Bad Food Combinations to be avoided That Are Actually Harmful For Your Health

7 Bad food combinations to be avoided that are actually harmful to your health


Most of the times, we opt for the food that tastes better no matter how harmful they might be for us. Every now and then we indulge and are accustomed to various food combinations without knowing for a fact- the side effects it might bring. Bad food combinations to be avoided if we want to lead a healthy life. These food combinations have unhealthy food effects on us such as stomach ache, nausea or difficulty to eliminate waste.

To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art

To make sure, you’d avoid these dangerous food combinations, we have made a list of 13 such unhealthy food combinations –



  • We go together like Burger and Fries…It’s bad food combinations to be avoided to lead a healthy life.

Bad food combinations

Bad food combinations



Burger and fries are one common food combination that we order without thinking. Because they are always better together. However, a fun fact- both are deep fried food. The trans fats in both of these food items will lower your sugar levels. And often make you more sleepy and tired. Isn’t this something we don’t want at all?



  • Fruit after a full meal


Many people have fruit instantly after a fruit meal but believe us, it’s a really bad idea and you will know why. Eating fruits when your stomach is already full is harmful and prevents your digestion. A proper digestion requires time to process everything and having anything else between it makes your digestion difficult hence causes the sugar to sit in your stomach.



  • Bacon and Eggs or Any Two High Protein Food


We all love waking up to breakfast like Bacon and Eggs. This combination is everyone’s favorite but very few people know that they both are highly rich in proteins. When we consume the high protein content we might feel it gives us an instant energy but unfortunately not in the long run. The energy will vanish soon and leave you lethargic.



  • Cereal and Milk or Juice is a bad option


For many populations across the world, cereal and milk is an ideal breakfast option. But both cereal and milk contain fat digesting carbs that can cause blood sugar spikes and make you feel tired and lower than you already are.


  • Tomatoes with Pasta are not that healthy after all!


Bad food combinations

Bad food combinations




Pasta is healthy and delicious to have but having it with tomatoes makes your digestion difficult.  Pasta is rich in carbs while tomatoes are highly acidic, hence this combination causes difficulty by becoming a hindrance in the process of digestion and causing bloating.



  • Bananas and Milk
Bad food combinations

Bad food combinations


You don’t have to eat less, just eat right!



Everyone who is skinny has heard this suggestion more than once in their life. According to every desi aunties, having bananas and milk make you fat and healthy. It might be true but what about the side effects? The combination of bananas and milk is quite heavy which is said to create heaviness in the body and slow down the mind.



  • Meat and Potatoes=A complete  No No- bad food combinations to be avoided to have a good digestive health

People have craving for mashed potatoes with meat but little do they know that these two foods together make for a bad combination. It can cause stomach problem and the high protein and saturated fat also creates digestive issues.



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