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Amazing stories of dogs saving endangered wildlife species

Amazing stories of how dogs are helping save the endangered wildlife species.

wildlife species

Wildlife Species– Dogs are an integral part of our life. Apart from their cuteness, they can be really annoying and naughty. Yet we are fond of them. First of all, certain dogs with high energy can be difficult as pets. Rather they are sent to shelter homes. However, they can be useful for other purposes. Wildlife conservationists are using these dogs to track endangered wildlife species.

Conservation Canine Program.

This program is founded in 1997 at the University of Washington. First of all, the program trains such dogs to track certain animals’ scat scents. In addition, the fecal samples provide information to the researchers. As a result, the information helps in understanding endangered wildlife species.

wildlife species

Stories of such dogs saving endangered species. 

The dog- Frehley

wildlife species

First of all, Frehley is a border collie. He was rescued from the Seattle Animal Shelter in 2005. Now he is helping in tracking endangered species like the Jemez Mountains salamander.

The dog- Sadie

Sadie is a Labrador. She helped scientists in navigating whales. By leaning a certain direction or twitching their ears, these dogs serve as the research vessels’ four-legged navigators.

The dog- Ajax

wildlife species

Ajax is a highly-trained border collie. He has helped in searching for an endangered parrot species, kea in New Zealand. These parrots lives in the remote regions of the country’s South Island. Furthermore the dog is searching for kea nests to help monitor the population of the species. Director Michael Weatherall highlights the conservation duo and their efforts to save the world’s only mountain parrot.

According to the Conservation Canines website, these dogs are working all day. They work really hard, by climbing mountains and walking through different landscapes. As a result, they get a reward. The reward is playing with their ball — after successfully locating wildlife scat. We rescue these dogs and offer them a satisfying career traveling the world to help save numerous other species.”

Hence these dogs got a second lease on life and now work to save the lives of species worldwide.

Therefore this is the beautiful video of Ajax saving the endangered parrots in New Zealand.



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