Amazing recipes for making your Navratri special.

Navratri- The traditional Hindu festival.


The festive season of Navratri is about to begin. With festivals, come different opportunities for us to indulge in delectable dishes. This time is both for enjoying as well as fasting. Those who celebrate Navratri, keep fast on all the nine days of the festival. In fact the word ‘Navratri’ itself refers to the the nine auspicious nights during which Goddess Durga is worshiped and most people observe fasts. During Navratri, most of the people give up non vegetarian food as well as onions. But even if these food items are banned, the good part is you can celebrate Navratri with some special items that are only made on Vrat (fast).

Amazing recipes to fulfil your fast for Navratri:

Navratri festivals gives us the chance to break free from the daily and mundane daal-roti. So, celebrate your Navratri fasting with our special favourites dishes for Navratri special.

Kuttu Ka Paratha


Kuttu Ka Paratha is a favourite among Marwadis and also a good option to have when you’re having a fast. This traditional dish is filling, tasty and really easy to make!

Sabudana Khichdi

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Treat yourself with this mouth-watering dish which is full of carbohydrates to give you the much-needed boost and energy for the fast all day along. It is made with spices, peanuts and very easy and light to digest.

Singhare ka Halwa


Made with chestnut flour, Singhare ka Halwa is the perfect sweet dish for your Navratri fasts. It is easy and quick to make, and this sweet dessert is quite healthy because of the ingredients.

Chawal Ka Dhokla

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This recipe is something new and fresh. This light dish is a healthy way to fast with a break from oily pakodas and puris.  A must-try dish for all dhokla lovers.

Sabudana Kheer- Heaven for sweet lovers.

Generally made during Navaratri, Sabudana kheer will satisfy all your ‘sweet cravings’, you have while fasting. Relatively easy to digest and delicious in taste, make this dessert to have a joyful time at Navratri festive mood.

Banana Walnut Lassi.


Take a break with the usual Lassi and indulge in the goodness of lassi with bananas, almonds, honey, yogurt and walnuts. Need any more reason to fast this Navratri?

Phool Makhana


A roasted lotus seeds snack that will make for a delightful and super healthy snack option. High in potassium and phosphorus this dish is also a perfect snack option for kids and seniors.

Kebab made of  Kelas (bananas).

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This is delicious and finger-licking. This dish will make your fasting more interesting by adding the right amount of spice and masalas (condiments). Kebabs made of bananas is truly pleasing to have and is also oil-free.

Source- NDTV


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