These amazing people had their own meaning of success

These amazing people had their own meaning of success.

With a population of more than 1.2 billion, India is the world’s largest democracy. A unity in diversity, India is a part of the Indus Valley Civilization that began millennia ago. In 2017, the Indian economy was the world’s sixth largest by nominal GDP. However, in-spite of these things, India has always been the centre of corruption, gender inequality, poor infrastructure and inflation. But these amazing people in our country have given us a reason to smile and be proud of ourselves.

We’ve brought a few stories for you who will inspire you to do something for our country.


  • The one who wants to plant as many trees as he can

Successful People In India



Meet Shubendhu Sharma, who is an advocate for sustainability and pro-environmentalism. He knows that the damage done to Earth is repairable if we all start acting together. Even though he made good money while he was an engineer, Shubendhu instead followed his heart to rival India’s high emissions by planting as many trees as possible. They use the method of ‘Saplings’ and has successfully grown more than 48 forests all over India.



  • The one who hires only blind and acid attack survivors

Meet Akash Bhardwaj, who had an encounter with a blind woman with acid scars who was attacked by her own husband and then left to live her life alone. Touched and inspired by the women’s toughness and toughness, Bhardwaj decided to hire only blind and acid attack survivors in his travel company named Khaas. India is a country it is today, because of amazing people like Akash.

  • The one who is one of the most powerful women in Asia

Meet Sheetal Mehta Walsh, whose list of accomplishments is what inspires all the young women out there. With a degree from London School of Economics, Sheetal is also featured in many magazines.  Walsh is the founder of ‘Shanti Life’. It’s a financial platform that helps villages in Gujarat to start their own businesses and generate wealth within their communities.



  • The one who had adopted more than 1,400 orphans

Successful People In India


Meet Sindhuta Sapkal, who is 68 but her potential and resilience is more than most of our youngsters. She was nine months pregnant when she was thrown out of her house. The heartbreaking story of this hero began when she was made to beg on the streets. Soon she realized the poor condition of the children in the streets and decided to adopt more than 1400 orphans, such amazing people in our country makes us feel proud.

The one whose spirits and vivacity is applauded by everyone

Successful People In India
















Meet Sudhra Chauhan, who is a famous actress and dancer in India. Her case is known by every other person and she is acclaimed because of the spirit she has shown over the ages. At just the age of 16, she had to amputate her leg. But that didn’t stop her from chasing her dreams or giving up on her first love, dance.


Here were some of the success story of inspiring people in India who contributed for the well-being of our country in many ways after battling their own battles.



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