Amazing fitness regimes of Bollywood stars to watch out for

– A much-needed activity:

We all love eating, irrespective of whether the food items are suitable for our health or not. But we need to understand that, only eating alone is not sufficient for our body. We all need to be aware of the importance of fitness. Fitness or staying fit is not about controlling our diet or skipping meals. It is mainly about consuming the proper food items and going for the right exercise.

This is an activity which is important not only for maintaining our beauty or youth but also to prevent ourselves from health hazards.

Amazing fitness regimes of Bollywood stars:

Whenever we talk about fitness, celebrities are the first subject that comes to our mind. It is their profession, that requires them to go for every fitness regimes to maintain their body and looks.

Bollywood has many artists who are known for their amazing fitness. These Bollywood stars follow their own level of training to remain fit.

Top  Bollywood actors with perfect fitness:

Akshay Kumar

Whenever it comes to the right physique, Akshay Kumar will always be the first man. He is an actor who has the highest regard for India’s honour. His fitness regimes are indeed inspiring and very disciplined. Unlike other actors, Akshay Kumar does his own training. He does not follow any fixed fitness schedule but does what his heart desires. He sleeps early and wakes up early in the morning. Instead of the gyms, he prefers following natural fitness regimes like martial arts, adventure sports, climbing trees, walking and also climbing staircases. He plays sport and enjoys trekking.



His diet regimes are extremely strict but very simple and easy to follow. He generally eats a simple home cooked meal that includes:

  • Parathas and a glass of milk for breakfast
  • A bowl full of fruits at noon
  • Roti, dal, green vegetables, chicken and a bowl of curd for lunch.
  • A glass of fresh juice without sugar in the evenings.
  • a very light dinner which includes soups, salads and veggies. Gyanunlimited


He avoids himself from smoking, drinking alcohol and partying. He is a disciplined man who makes sure to finish his last meal by 7pm in the evening and sleeps early by 9. His fitness mantra is to follow natural techniques for fitness rather than depending upon gyms.

John Abraham

Apart from Akshay Kumar, John Abraham is another fitness freak. He is also disciplined when it comes to fitness. Although his workout techniques are different from Akshay Kumar the overall determination is similar. He follows a fixed fitness schedule in the gyms. He eats both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods in equal proportion.


  • Pre-workout- His breakfast includes black coffee/green tea to boost your metabolism. 4 egg whites, 1 potato/sweet potato/ corn/brown bread and one apple.
  • Post workout- 6-7 egg whites with protein shakes.
  • John’s lunch includes rotis, 3-4 slices of steamed fish, sprouts, sabji, dal and a carrot.
  • His evening breaks include 3-4 egg whites, mashed potato, apple, orange, sweet lime or papaya.
  • His dinner includes bajra/jowar/nachni rotis. Born to Workout



He is also similar to Akshay Kumar in terms of having an early dinner before 9pm. He avoids himself from smoking, alcohol or partying and instead believes in a healthy routine.


Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is another example of what constitutes a healthy fitness. She was a former actress and is now an entrepreneur. Her fitness regimes are also equally disciplined. She is familiar with both the gym and the natural techniques like yoga and meditation.

Shilpa Shetty’s diet

  • Her breakfast includes Amla (gooseberry)  or Aloe vera juice, porridge and tea blended with brown sugar.
  • She has lunch includes chappati/brown rice, chicken curry/turkey/salmon and fresh veggies.
  • In the evenings she has brown bread toast, egg white, green tea.
  • Her dinner includes soup, salads, chicken.
  • Post workout she has 2 dates, 8 black raisins and a protein shake. Born to workout

Her lifestyle:

She is also very disciplined when it comes to fitness. She is an ardent follower of Yoga and promotes through various videos and books. Having gained weight after childbirth, she was determined to exercise even more. She always advises her fans to follow the right yogic posture for proper fitness.

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