Alcohol is the best way to know your relationship according to a study

Alcohol says a lot about your relationship:


Drinking alcohol is a popular trend among people. We have heard about how alcohol can reveal your personality. In addition, a study has revealed how alcohol can also reveal about your romantic relationships.


The study showing the similarity between alcohol and relationships:


This is a study conducted by Recovery First. They did a survey on 500 Americans on their drinking habits. First of all, they found that 46% of men admitted to drinking before their first date. While 36% of them were women. Also, the study looked into the number of relationship problems faced by people drinking different alcohols.

Details of the study:

Furthermore, the study gave a detailed explanation of every people drinking alcohol. They divided people on the basis of their preferred alcohol type. They saw that each drinker had different kinds of problems within their relationship.


The drinking category:

Firstly, rum and tequila drinkers had the highest relationship problems.

  • 31% drinkers had “many” relationship problems.
  • 66% had “some” relationship problems.
  • 77% Tequila drinkers also had “some” relationship problems.
  • 3% Rum and 6% Tequila drinkers had “no” problem in their relationship.

Relationship problems among the Vodka drinkers were also different in categories. 23% of drinkers had “many” relationship problems. 73% had “some” problems and 4% had “no” problem in their relationship.

Drinking pattern among the beer and whisky lovers:

24% of beer drinkers had “many” relationship problems. 65% had “some” problems in their relationships. Also 12% people had “no” problem in their relationships. While whiskey drinkers came a close second to their beer-drinking counterparts. 23% of them had “many” problems in their relationships. 60% of them agreed to having some relationship problems. While a promising 20% of them reported having no relationship problems at all.

Drinking habit among the wine lovers:


Wine drinkers emerged as the safest in relationship issues. Because only 19% of wine drinkers  had “many” relationship problems. 72% had “some” but 9% drinkers had “no” issues in relationship.


Most noteworthy are the people who drinks wine. They are probably the best when it comes to dating. Hence as the study says, we should date only the wine lovers.

Yet it is only a theory. Reality is always different. We can never predict anything about relationships. Can we?







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