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A case of animal abuse, Raju who was chained for 50 years in a row.


Inhuman treatment of animals:

animal abuse:has been a major concern in the society as they suffer from inhuman treatment and hardship.

We can clearly depict a monstrous act behind such inhuman treatment of the elephant, Raju. Could you imagine being locked for more than 50 years in a row? We talk about saving animals but such acts prove otherwise. 

Raju, the Indian elephant was locked for more than 50 years. It was only when a team of Wildlife SOS-UK came and rescued Raju.  He was then transferred to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in M.athura. 


A heartbreaking story of Raju, the poor elephant who suffered mercilessly at the hands of humans:


Raju had 27 owners which is a life worse than a nightmare. He was locked with hard-edged shackles clamped on his four feet . The ruthless owners used him to earn money. They would force the elephant for entertainment in order to receive coins.



Later, a rescue team of 10 vets, wildlife experts from the charity and certain Forest Commissioners took steps in conducting Raju’s rescue.

The UP Forest Department requested the London-based agency to take steps regarding the cruelty inflicted upon Raju. Though late, justice was served. 9ln7xid00bntkkzkq8t0


Raju was finally rescued and was transferred to an Elephant Conservation and Care Centre at Mathura.



Raju could not break free from the painful memories and to bring him towards a normal state was a very difficult task for the team. He spent a week alone in isolation and medical attention and then was left with the company of two other elephants- Rajesh and Bhola.



Gradually Raju took his first steps of freedom. Witnessing such a change, people became emotional. Raju is currently in a healthy state and celebrated his 51st birthday. He is living with 14 other elephants.

Through this heart-breaking story, I hope people realize the importance of preservation towards wildlife. I recommend every wildlife enthusiasts to be cautious about such matters.



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