9 Mood Boosting Food That Will Lift Up Your Spirits

9 Mood-Boosting Food That Will Lift Up Your Spirits


Mood-Boosting Food– What is it about some foods that instantly give a boost to our mood? Food is not important for our survival alone, but it has proved to satisfy our souls, too! For example, when your uterus is forcing you to destroy the world with rage during periods, a small piece of chocolate gives you the amount of peace that no meditation at the Himalayas would ever provide.

As far as the scientific relation of food and mood is concerned, it is confirmed in a study that foods associated with good thoughts and warm feelings improve mood and decrease loneliness.

Stop crying and order one of these 9 Comfort Foods to cheer up-

1. Oreos

9 Comfort Foods That Will Lift Up Your Spirits

Literally, anything related to Oreos will do the magic. You must have heard or read this thing about Oreos that they are more addictive than Cocaine and Heroin. While studies say that it is because of the high sugar level, I like to believe that Oreos are made up of some kind of fairy dust that transforms you from a cry baby to a happy baby!

2. Fried Chicken

Mood-Boosting Food

There’s no one in the world who doesn’t like a good juicy piece of fried chicken ( except for those vegetarians who keep looking for a substitute in Paneer). If you had a bad day, go get some chicken nuggets and you’ll be alright!

3. Ice Cream

Mood-Boosting Food

Nothing works better than a delicious cup of ice cream after a bad break-up. The smooth Vanilla or the crunchy Butterscotch, anything can make you forget about that asshole who broke your heart.

4. Cupcakes

Mood-Boosting Food

There is something about these sweet savouries that can make your mood go up from 0 to 100. First, feast your eyes with their cute appearance and then, enjoy their yummylicious taste!

5. Caffeine

Mood-Boosting Food

Coffee and tea contain caffeine which has the power to vanish your jittery mood. If you are anxious before a meeting, comfort yourself with a nice coffee. Or, if you are unable to relax, what’d be more comfortable than a cup of “chaa”?

6. French Fries

Mood-Boosting Food

Mood-Boosting Food

The high levels of salt present in french fries make this snack the perfect comfort food, same case with the potato chips. A study revealed that foods with high salt levels are ideal for stress release as they fill your brain with Oxytocin, a hormone associated with love and happiness.

7. Pizza

Mood-Boosting Food

Mood-Boosting Food

Is there even a need for explanation? A cheesy delight is all that you need in a depressed mood!

8. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Mood-Boosting Food

Mood-Boosting Food

Looks like it’s the cheese that makes everything fine and shine. A nice grilled sandwich with cheese oozing out clubbed with the perfect tangy sauce will lift up your spirits with the speed of light!

9. Momos

Mood-Boosting Food

Mood-Boosting Food

You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t need to be from Delhi to get happy by Momos. In fact, these dumplings can cheer you up no matter what place you are from!


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