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 8 Gardening Hacks To Improve Your Garden Game

Gardening Hacks

GARDENING HACKS– Gardening is a great hobby and an excellent way to decorate your home. While it looks like a super easy process, gardening is much more than buying -a seed and watching it grow. Many people fail terribly at this practice as they are unable to take proper care of their plants, mess up the garden space or lose hope after a plant dies.


If you wanna upgrade your gardening skills, follow these 8 simple yet effective tips –


1. Salt + Vinegar Weed Killer

spraying-the-dandelions-Gardening Hacks

Chemical weed killer is hormonal disruptors which can be harmful to small children, therefore, vinegar is the perfect chemical-free weed killer because of its acidic nature. The only downside of using vinegar to kill the weed is that the weed grows back soon. For a longer effect, and common salt to your vinegar spray. Word of caution: Don’t forget to wear gloves and glasses while spraying and never ever spray the spoil, or nothing will ever grow on that spot!


2. The Eggshell Hack


Gardening Hacks

Eggshells are multi-functional when it comes to gardening. They can be used as natural fertilizers and organic compost for the plants for acidic and calcium supplements. They are also effective pest deterrents keeping the slugs and snails away.


3. Coffee Ground Pesticide

Gardening Hacks

Coffee grounds are natural insecticides proven by scientific studies. The caffeine compounds not only prevent slugs from eating away your plants, but they act as a mosquito repellent, too!


4. Cinnamon Powder to Prevent Diseases

Gardening Hacks

‘Dampening-off’ is a term used for the range of disease that can kill or weaken your plants before or after they germinate. Various fungi and soil problems can cause the seedlings to die. An effective chemical-free alternative to the chemicals is found in your kitchen- Cinnamon Powder!


5. Cooking Water as Fertilizer

Gardening Hacks

Gardening Hacks

The leftover vegetable stock can be used to provide nutrients to your plants. Instead of draining the water away, use it in your garden. Let the broth cool down and pour it around your plants.


6. Create Illusions


Gardening Hacks


You can make a small backyard seem bigger and spacious by creating an illusion of depth using horizontal layers of different heights of plants. For instance, use taller plants in the background. You can also try ‘Vertical Gardening’ in your yard by growing herbs and vines vertically. This orientation will soften the boundaries and make space seem larger.


7. Ladder Plant Stand


One more way to save up space in a cramped is to use a ladder as a plant stand. You can use an old ladder for this purpose and it will not only look attractive, but you could move it wherever you want easily and place it anywhere without much effort!

8. Custom Crates for Plants

Gardening Hacks

Gardening Hacks

You can create an attractive vertical design using crates. You can mix and match the plant types and arrange them according to their sunlight and shade requirements.


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