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6 Reasons why you should play paintball Game

 6 Reasons why you should play paintball game 

paintball game 

Everybody loves paintball game! Whoever doesn’t is either lying or have never ever played the game before or is a monster!


6 Reasons Why You Should Play Paintball-


1. For the HD feeling

paintball game

Playing paintball is like playing a live video-game, with better POV and HD graphics. Also, instead of blood, there is rainbow paint! Is there anything better than this?!

2. For Memories

paintball game

Paintball isn’t just a game, it’s a source of happiness. When you’ll be 70-80 year old, you’ll smile remembering your youthful days when you used to run and laugh and shoot your friends with a badass Tippmann X7 Phenom!!


3. For Cheap Thrills

paintball game

Humans love adventures. They fear death but they’ll do everything risky just to feel the warm adrenaline flowing in their nerves! If you are an adrenaline addict, then what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and shoot them! *with a paint gun*


4. For Variety

paintball game

Paintball is the perfect activity if you tend to get bored easily and look for varieties. Paintball can be playing anywhere, indoors, in a warehouse or outside, in your backyard or a forest. You can plan a theme, too! Like a zombie attack or an army attack or something! You know, just anything to give you the thrill


5. For Teamwork

paintball game

Paintball is a teamwork, you have to plan and strategize and then attack. You learn so many things while playing! If this isn’t the best game, I don’t know which is…


6. For Competitiveness

paintball game

Unless you become hyper during the game, it’s a perfect way to increase competitiveness in yourself while laughing and having fun.


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