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5 Famous Animal Myths That Are Actually False

5 Famous Animal Myths That Are Actually False


While we know little about the animal kingdom, the information that we do have is filled with false myths, unfortunately. But don’t worry, because this post is meant to enlighten you with some legit wisdom about the commonly misunderstood fauna members!


5 Popular Animal Myths that are False-


1. Bats are blind

This is one of the most common false facts out there. The source of this myth came out from the fact that bats use sonar to trace their paths and prey. But the little-known fact is that they are not blind but can actually see. Although their eyesight is poor, their vision isn’t impaired.


2. Ostriches bury their heads in ground when threatened

Ostrich is the fastest bird on the planet, FFS! It will run like hell when it feels threatened. Even when it doesn’t run, it sometimes flops on the ground and play dead but never buries its head in the sand. In fact, they never do such thing because then they wouldn’t be able to breathe! The source of the myth is that ostriches have nests in the ground where they keep their eggs and several times a day, they put their heads in the hole to turn the eggs. So, it *looks* like as if they are burying their heads in the sand.


3. Camels store water in their humps

We learned in school that camels can live without water for days because they store it in their bodies. What we didn’t learn is the fact that they don’t store the water in their humps rather, it’s their distinct oval-shaped red blood cells that keep them hydrated! Their humps are nothing but big mounds of fat. But they aren’t useless, for they provide the camels with the same amount of energy as three weeks of food.


4. Goldfish have a three-second memory span

This is one famous myth that everyone believes expect for those who know the truth. Now, it’s your time to know the truth! Goldfish do NOT have a three-second memory span. They display certain behaviours that require them to have a longer span of memory, such as, associating sounds with feeding times, operating tiny levers and recognizing their owner’s presence.


5. Bulls are enraged with red colour

Yes! This is a myth! Your whole childhood was a big lie!! The truth is bulls are actually colour blind like many other animals. So why do they get enraged in those bullfights? It is the “motion”, not the colour, of the red cloth used by the Matadors that makes the bull to want to kick the matador’s ass!


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