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5 Effective Home Remedies to get rid of Smelly Feet

Smelly feet- a common problem.


Summers soaking temperatures makes us all sweat as hell. And when the stinking game turns on the area of our feet, we are not spared. Our shoes eats our sweat and other bacteria that live in our skin. A Japanese study says though it’s a natural process, it can be reduced by creating a cleaner environment for our feet. This can be only done by changing our habits and adopting some simple yet interesting remedies that might be helpful to get rid of our smelly feet.


Home remedies for smelly feet:

Keep reading for 5 effective home remedies and follow them religiously to say good-bye to stinky feet!

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Clean your feet regularly

The first and utmost rule of hygiene is to keep yourself clean. Wash your feet with any anti-bacterial soap as soon as you come home. Make it a habit to go back to sleep in clean feet every day. You can also soak them in water/vinegar mixed with warm water and it might be your quickest remedy to get rid of smelly feet.

Scrub away your dirt

What better way to keep your feet fresh other than scrubbing it?  Make a scrub of half a cup of honey with two tbsp. apple cider vinegar and a slice of lemon in lukewarm water. Soak your feet in this scrub for 10-15 minutes and massage them with a pumice stone in circular motion.


Vinegar for your rescue

Bathe your feet in vinegar if you want a healthy and clean environment for your feet. Vinegar makes the bacteria dry and thus decreases the chance of smelly feet.  Mix one part vinegar with water and soak your feet in for 30 minutes.

Wash your footwear

Do you need any reason to wash your dirty footwear? If not, then washing your footwear and sandals keeps stinky feet at bay. Soak your footwear in Dettol and let them soak out in sunlight before they dry.


Sugar scrub for smelly feet

Make a scrub using sugar, warm water in a small bowl. Use this scrub whenever possible and it will make your feet odor free and remove all the dead cells by keeping it cleaner. You can follow this process twice a week to get rid of smelly feet.





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