5 Amazing Kids Who Have A Guinness World Record

5 Amazing Kids Who Have A Guinness World Record

Kids are amazing, they keep surprising you all the time. But these 5 kids will blow your minds with their Guinness World Records.

1. Julian Pavon- US

Who brings life to a band with sick beats? The drummer. It’s not easy to deal with the drums and create something appealing for the ears. But this kid named Julian won the game already at the age of 4 years and 10 months old. If that didn’t blow your mind, the fact that he plays 22-piece custom drum set with 17 cymbals and a double kick will leave your mouth open.

2. Victor De Leon III- New York

Victor is the biggest (not really sure) and the youngest (got a Guinness World Record to prove that) professional gamer in the world. He was signed by Major League Gaming at the age of 6 years old. At 7, he came second out of 550 contestants in a free-for-all competition. At 9 he was in first place out of 3500 contestants in a 1vs1 Boost Mobile Challenge. Since 2007 he has participated in three additional 1vs1 challenges, and has not been defeated once.

3. Zora Ball- US

Programming is tough. But that’s just for your illiterate ass and not the little girl Zora who created a fully functional mobile app. The 7-year old built the game in Bootstrap programming language and later unveiled it at the Bootstrap Expo in Pennsylvania. A real genius!

4. Kishan Shrikanth- India

If you were asked to tell the age of the youngest film director in the world, you would have guessed 21 or 20 or 18 to the maximum. Get ready to be shocked because the youngest film director in the world is a 9-year-old kid. He directed the movie “Care of Footpath” featuring many prominent Indian actors. And guess what? He wrote the story on which the film was adapted himself!

5. Megan Davies- UK

The 8 years old kid named Megan is the world’s youngest officially licensed auctioneer ever. Yes! The kid whacks the hammer! Yes! The kid sells stuff! And what more? She has her own gavel which was gifted by the Welsh Police Football Association.


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