Top 8 Lana Del Rey Songs To Get High On

Top 8 Lana Del Rey Songs To Get High On

Lana’s music gets you high and if you listen to her while hitting a blunt, you’ll experience a trance like never before! Her songs make you so depressed that you want to commit suicide but at same time they make you so happy that you want to live every moment of your life to the fullest. Lana makes you feel a number of emotions with her beautiful voice.

Top 8  Lana Del Rey Songs That Will Get You High-

1. Young And Beautiful

Will you still love me

When I’ve got nothing but my aching soul?”

3. National Anthem

“Money is the reason we exist

Everybody knows it, it’s a fact-kiss, kiss”

4. Dark Paradise

And there’s no remedy for memory your face

Is like a melody, it won’t leave my head

Your soul is haunting me and telling me

That everything is fine

But I wish I was dead.”

6. The Blackest Day

Because I’m going deeper and deeper (deeper)

Harder and harder (harder)

Getting darker and darker

Looking for love

In all the wrong places.”

7. Freak

We could slow dance to rock music

Kiss while we do it.”

8. Body Electric

Heaven is my baby, suicide’s her father

Opulence is the end.”


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