5 Reasons Why Chandigarh Is The Best Place For Introverts

5 Reasons Why Chandigarh Is The Best Place For Introverts

1. Calm Uncrowded City

There is no urban place in India that is so placed and so calm! Unlike the busy roads of Delhi or overcrowded places of Mumbai, Chandigarh is the place where you can breathe fresh air! What else can an introvert ask for?

2. There are Lots of Parks

There is something about gardens and parks that attract these quiet people. Chandigarh is filled with parks! You can find them anywhere and let your thoughts wander without any disturbance.

3. There’s a Lake!

The broody, mysterious and reserved introvert person walking along a beach is a cliche in books and movies. While Chandigarh doesn’t have any beach, it has a lake which is no lesser! Sukhna Lake is the heart of Chandigarh. In the daytime, it’s packed with tourists but the moment the sun sets, the crowd decreases and the place becomes best for long walks with cool breeze and sound of the silence. Speaking of silence, there is a Silence Garden at the end of the lake. Perfect place to get relaxed from the over-stimulating day!

4. The Art Hunger Satiates Here

Now art is not a domain of introverts alone, extroverts enjoy it equally. But introverts find the kind of peace through art that is unexplained. If you love music, there are a number of places with live bands performing various genres. If you love poetry, there are many poetry events, too. If you love performances, Tagore Theatre is your go-to for some excellent plays. Chandigarh is an art hub, so there’s no way you won’t get to see some quality art in the art galleries of the city. And if books are all you need, there’s the City Library and the British Library for you people!

5. Cafes, Cafes, Everywhere!

If you are an introvert, there are 9 out of 10 chances that you LOVE coffee! And even if you don’t, there’s no way you don’t love good food. Cafes are the best place in the world for an introvert. You can get lost in your thoughts while sipping some hot coffee or read your favourite book for the 15th time while munching some delicious appetizers. Good news for you, Chandigarh is the city of cafes! You have numerous options to choose from to get a nice coffee and yummy food.


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