10 type of Facebook User you’ll find on Facebook

10 type of Facebook User you’ll find on Facebook.

Facebook sure changed a lot since 2004 but what we never thought it would change people too. Or maybe people were the same since forever it just gave them a medium to be so weird on a virtual platform.

Well, whatever might be the reason we have a new classification for people on Facebook. And it’s amusing because it’s real and believe it or not all of know it but refuse to admit.

Don’t you wanna know which category you lie into. Nobody’s gonna find out but at-least you should. Check the list below to find out what kind of Facebook User are you.

  1. Hynea

Facebook User

Doesn’t ever really say anything, but LOLs and LMAOs at everything.

  1. Lurker

Never posts and comment on your posts. Never likes anything…but reads everything and might make reference to your status if they see you in public.

  1. Rooster

Facebook User

Feels like it is their job to say ‘Good Morning’ to Facebook every day.

  1. Mr./Ms. Popular

Facebook User

Has 4,876 friends for NO reason.

  1. Gamer

Facebook User

Plays “Mafia Wars”, “Farm Ville”, “City Ville” etc. All day.

  1. Promoter

Facebook User

Always sends invite to events that you ultimately delete or ignore.

  1. Thief

Facebook User

Steals status updates and wall posts.

  1. Drama King/Queen
Facebook User

Facebook User

This person always posts kinds of stuff like….”OMG! I can’t believe this” or “FFS they gonna make me snap today!!” in the hope that you will ask what happened or what’s wrong…..but then they never finish telling the stories.

  1. The News

Facebook User

Always updates you on what they are doing or who they are doing it with, no matter how arbitrary or irrelevant it is.

  1.  Liker
Facebook User

Facebook User

Never actually says anything but always click the like button.


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